One question that is incredibly recurring from both cockpit builders and people who have no insight into this hobby at all is what the cost is. It IS an expensive hobby, no questions asked there. How expensive depends on what level you want to go to. Some are happy with sawn pieces of wood with stickers on, others are not satisfied until it is 100% copy or even original parts from real planes.

I’ll probably lie down somewhere in between. Consider quality and price. Publish costs on parts here as they are finnished.

Note that all costs are ruffly approximate.

The Cruved Screen.

The screen is built of wooden beams, hdf boards, plywood, paint and fabric.

  • Woodenbeams €40
  • Plywood €25
  • HDF Boards €26
  • White HDF Board €44
  • Paint €125
  • Fabric €40
  • In addition to this, there are costs for screws and glue around €20. Total cost €445.