Update September 2020

I have made a short film about how it goes for my cockpit construction.

In addition, there have received a shipment of OEM parts from Asia. A tiller from a Boeing 737, landing gear leaver also from a 737 model older but it will work well for me. Also some switches. It is an absolutely fantastic feeling with quality stuff even if they are a few years old.

Now the construction of the side walls continues and I now have the last components to be able to measure the MIP sheet and continue to draw in Fusion360.

The screen is alive.

The screen starts to take shape, I have a long way to go, of course, but large parts end up in the right place.
Regarding the color, I try a concept within the home theater builder concept with the color “black widow”. I have ordered an aluminum base color from Auto Air Aluminum which I will mix with my gray color in shade S1500. Have just grounded with S1500 without AAA and I think the contrast is totally okay so looking forward to testing with AAA. The reason for widow black is to get a as neutral background for the projectors to shoot at as possible.
Read more about the German project with Widow Black here. https://www.hometheatershack.com/threads/black-widow-the-german-experience-for-beginners.73479/

I have painted the ceiling black to shut out as much light as possible, the screen at the bottom I will paint black later.
Likewise, I mounted the projector temporarily just to test that warp image. Later on when I know to 100% where the overhead will be placed, I will probably have to move the projectors so that they are not obscured by the cockpit.

I also tested warpeing the image with Fly Elise software. However during the week will try Warpalizer software for which I have a license key. These are heavy and advanced programs so I just see what path I choose to hike after trying them both for a while.

I finally got the 3D printer on and started the job of printing rudder pedals. At least I will try to see if a 3D print can handle the power that arises from a hard sideway wind on short final. Otherwise I may have them manufactured in steel or chased by an affordable pair of OEM pedals. 5 and a half days Heavy print may be subjected to stress test and I will then evaluate.

Finally I came across a steering tiller sickly cheap. It’s OEM I know it’s not the Boeing 737, but the feel of the metal is cruel! Will modify some things and paint it and install as soon as I have the opportunity and sidewalls up there.

My first video

My first video, this is the space I will rebuild the simulator, most of it will be rebuilt and hopefully become somewhat better.

The renovated space for the sim.

There is something about this hobby that makes you build something, and then redo it again after a while.  I develops slow and steady and knowledge expands and the lowest level quality increases for each new knowledge that comes, but my approach to the rebuilding it again will be a little different.

Only parts with decent quality I can accept will remain and be mounted, and with that I hope this rebuild behavior disappears.

Progress is sloooooow…

Progress is slow but it’s just a matter of getting used to it, this hobby is slow. The job of 3D printing and CAD the MIP continues. The printer is currently working on a new gear leaver handle and mechanism. The body itself is just printed, the tube, the wheel and the trigger will be sanded, spray filled and painted in several steps. More on that when i can take pictures to show.

The CAD drawing is largely measured, adjustments are made to ensure that everything really fits. The space between the gear leaver, the standby instruments and the upper eicas screen is really tight and the range of small screens of 4:3 size is really limited. But I’m chasing on.

In the meantime, I intend to enlighten other cockpit builders, who have helped me in some way (probably without even knowing about it). The first video I ever saw on a homemade simulator was a video I came across on YouTube totally random.

Neale Hargreaves a British guy who has built a full mock-up Boeing 737-800NG branded as KLM. In his first video, he shows his entire sim that he built out in a shed. I watched the video countless times to the extent that my wife responded in the style of “if he can do one, you can too!” and that was where the idea of my own cockpit building started.