Slowly but slowly

About a little over six months ago, I bought used overhead frame and panels. They are originally from Simworld and the quality is absolutley superb.

However there were some small parts missing but largely complete. The seller found some screws and a piece of plastic as well as the EGT gauge panel which he sent to me this week.

I have been wiring cables and chose to run all panels individually with DSUB connectors. Mounted parts and this is what the overhead looks like today.

More about the overhead later in the build as the unit approaches assembly.

Now finally all parts of the CNC milling machine have arrived. I am currently working with software control. I really hope I can get this thing going and lerning curve is smooth so I can start milling useful stuff.

All conditions in the world

I don’t really know what I have done to deserve it, but at Christmas Santa came with a new soldering iron. Probably I had been whining about my old one far too much so to get some Christmas peace a soldering iron was a good alternative.

Probably about the same scenario occurred around my birthday so my wonderful wife with kids gave me this digital laboratory power supply. Now I really have all the conditions in the world to be able to do a good job in the rebuilding of the simulator.

And a lesson to learn. Everything, just about anything involving a hobby project of this size takes extremely much longer than I thought.

CNC update.

An update about the CNC milling machine. Assembled the parts I have yet to receive. Still waiting for the rest from China. I am very pleased with the design so far. Feels stable and the IO cards are in place with the socket for the transformer.
The size of the bed is 300mm x 600mm. The bottom plate will be made out of plywood 12mm thick. Squeegee protection on the sides will be detachable, so it is possible to cut slightly larger items in sections.
Looking forward to the day I can show a video on the machine in action.

It feels like I’m all over the place with my projects, but waiting times that this hobby entails makes it almost impossible to start at one end and end at the other. Multiple projects are the progress I will keep. The upgrade of the 3D printer is almost done and then I will continue to print the parts to the gear leaver handle.

One thing after another…

I have had my 3D printer for just over a year now, and it has worked absolutely superbly. Until a few weeks ago. It started crashing into the bed and it turned out it was a circuit board that had broken. Instead of buying new I upgraded to my Wanhao Duplicator 9 to the MKII kit and Antclabs BL Touch sensor which includes a new circuit board. Since then, the printer has been struggling with stuck plastic. Researched the web and instead of troubleshooting and fixing I also took the opportunity here to upgrade the machine with Bondtech extruder but when I removed the print head I simultaneously broke the hotend, so now I sit again waiting on the mailman for a new swiss hotend.

Furthermore, I will soon start renovating the room which will be the dedicated simulator room and the remaining areas will be used as workshop, with 3D printer, CNC milling machine and soldering station. At present, we are still cleaning out all the old crap we have accumulated over the years.

For MIP I have cut out the backplate, and the frame that will hold the construction together is assembled. While I wait for the new hotend I will continue with the CAD drawing and clean in the upcoming simulator room.


Sometime during a cockpit build comes the need for a 3D printer. Maybe not a must, but a terribly helpful one. I turned on a D9 with a 300x300x350 printbed. It has been a faithful servant and helped me to print buttons, boxes and tools.

But pretty soon into the building, the 3D printer is not enough, a cnc cutter would do much of the job better. I found on thingiverse a Polish guy Nikodem, who has made and shared a printed milling machine. Very popular and looks really promising. Designed for milling in wood and plastic but many users have also succeeded in milling aluminum. So with the help of the 3D printer I now build a DIY Dremel CNC.

All printed parts are ready. Waiting for ordered parts from Asia. At present the world is in the Covid-19 crisis so transport takes longer than normal. But I hope I will be able to get the parts home soon so I can assemble the machine and start testing CNC before the summer. Meanwhile, I get help from a friend who already has a bad ass 1×1 meter industrial machine.