About the project

My name is Jimmy and I am in my middle 30s, living with wife and two children in a house in Sweden.

Works everyday as a sheet metal worker which is quite practical as I have access to a lot of useful machines. Unfortunately I have no experience in electronics, or software coding so the learning curve has been steep.

The flight simulator interest started a few years ago. First used an old Logitech joystick with FS2004, over time switched me up to Saitek’s Yoke with flight controls such as gear panel and autopilot and FSX. Then I started exploring home-made panels and buttons until the idea of ​​a full scale 1:1 simulator cockpit build was born.

The build started in 2019, I started 100% DIY using the marcus pilot dimensions (bible for cockpit builders) and first building the MIP. But as I built, I learned more and now I have reached a point where I start all over from scratch. But this time with a slightly different approach.

I will also renovate the place where the simulator will stand. Everything as is now will be dismantled and during the build-up again I thought to document this here on this blog.  

So welcome to 737.se