September just disappeared

September just disappeared … poff completely gone. Should have come further but then I remind myself that this is a hobby and I have no time pressure, so it takes the time it takes.

I am continueing to work with the sidewalls, sanded, filled and painted. The surface paint is a carpentry paint RAL9002 and a layer of matt clear lacquer has made a fantastic finish. I am super happy with the result.

3D printing requires a lot of work to make the quality acceptable. But install as it gets done. The walls grow slowly.
The cup holder is scaled up slightly to be able to fit an IKEA coffee mug and / or a beer.

The current project is to get to the small shelf where the pilots can store their bags. Will be extremely much sanding work but I will be satisfied.

I have also tested the solinoid on the gear lever, it works all the way down to 12v. But I think it will run on 20v or 24v. Should be built for 28v but 24v can come in handy and be used for other components later in construction.