More on 3d printing

The 3D printer runs hot, prints accessories and gadgets for the sidewalls. Oxygene mask, mic output, cup holder, charts holder, air vents and at the place where the ashtray original is located, there will instead be a USB socket to be able to charge ipads, phone or similar.

Everything gets a treatment with putty and paint. The technology with 3d writing is simply not qualitative enough.

Regarding MSFS2020, it is unfortunately not currently a simulator to build a cockpit on. SimConnect (the software that allows us to communicate with the simulator) does not work, mutiple views there is no support for yet and the whole feeling around the sim is more arcade games than simulator. We simply have to wait until 3rd hand developers come up with more plugins. But with that said, the new MSFS looks great! If you have not tried it yet DO IT!

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