I finally started painting the screen with the final color. A base grey color S1500 with AAA (Auto Air Aluminum Fine) additive. Mixed this together with 10% water to paint with a spray gun connected to a compressor.

I am very pleased with the result. Started to cover the space between screen and ceiling with black carpet. It was the blackest fabric I could find and since it is a fairly stiff material, it keeps the round shape perfectly. May be matte to the floor later instead of color when the projectors have reached their final position.

AAA additive I mixed the color with.

Microsoft has released release dates for their new simulator MSFS2020. Coming August 18, 2020. Looking forward to se if it is being a simulator I can build my cockpit against. Since I use ProSim-AR software to simulate all systems, I am very dependent on whether MSFS2020 gives me the opportunity to connect directly to the simulator, or if ProSim chooses to provide support for the new sim. Time will tell. But I am excited!

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