Start with the Floor/base.

Now that MSFS2020 will be released in less than a month, I am currently skipping the warp of the screen for the time being. As I currently do not know if MSFS2020 is a simulator to build a cockpit against or upgrade my current P3Dv4.5 to P3Dv5.

The Warpalizer license I have today does not cover either MSFS2020 or P3Dv5 so the choice is still between upgrading the current Waralizer license or simply buying FlyElise. The price and choice of simulator may determine that later.

Started with building the floor. Bars in 120x45mm wood, 12mm board material on top of it and finally I will put an aluminum plate on either 2mm or 3mm depending on whether I need to get it stiffer or not.

I use Carl’s design ( Redo his measurements to suit my stuff and plans, but based on his drawing and builds the floor in sections. Mounted wheels 40mm construction height, if these are allowed to remain later, the ceiling height must determine. But during the construction period, they are extremely handy.

I bought a homemade Yoke column from a friend who went a straw sharper and bought an entire OEM column. On mine, the FO side is an OEM and the Captain side is a replica from The problem with this yoke is that it is made with link arms and thus can not turn more than about 140-150 degrees on each side. Whether I redo them before assembly or postpone it until much later into the construction, I will have to decide a little later. The plan is then a timing belt or chain.


I finally started painting the screen with the final color. A base grey color S1500 with AAA (Auto Air Aluminum Fine) additive. Mixed this together with 10% water to paint with a spray gun connected to a compressor.

I am very pleased with the result. Started to cover the space between screen and ceiling with black carpet. It was the blackest fabric I could find and since it is a fairly stiff material, it keeps the round shape perfectly. May be matte to the floor later instead of color when the projectors have reached their final position.

AAA additive I mixed the color with.

Microsoft has released release dates for their new simulator MSFS2020. Coming August 18, 2020. Looking forward to se if it is being a simulator I can build my cockpit against. Since I use ProSim-AR software to simulate all systems, I am very dependent on whether MSFS2020 gives me the opportunity to connect directly to the simulator, or if ProSim chooses to provide support for the new sim. Time will tell. But I am excited!