The screen is alive.

The screen starts to take shape, I have a long way to go, of course, but large parts end up in the right place.
Regarding the color, I try a concept within the home theater builder concept with the color “black widow”. I have ordered an aluminum base color from Auto Air Aluminum which I will mix with my gray color in shade S1500. Have just grounded with S1500 without AAA and I think the contrast is totally okay so looking forward to testing with AAA. The reason for widow black is to get a as neutral background for the projectors to shoot at as possible.
Read more about the German project with Widow Black here.

I have painted the ceiling black to shut out as much light as possible, the screen at the bottom I will paint black later.
Likewise, I mounted the projector temporarily just to test that warp image. Later on when I know to 100% where the overhead will be placed, I will probably have to move the projectors so that they are not obscured by the cockpit.

I also tested warpeing the image with Fly Elise software. However during the week will try Warpalizer software for which I have a license key. These are heavy and advanced programs so I just see what path I choose to hike after trying them both for a while.

I finally got the 3D printer on and started the job of printing rudder pedals. At least I will try to see if a 3D print can handle the power that arises from a hard sideway wind on short final. Otherwise I may have them manufactured in steel or chased by an affordable pair of OEM pedals. 5 and a half days Heavy print may be subjected to stress test and I will then evaluate.

Finally I came across a steering tiller sickly cheap. It’s OEM I know it’s not the Boeing 737, but the feel of the metal is cruel! Will modify some things and paint it and install as soon as I have the opportunity and sidewalls up there.

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