Slowly but slowly

About a little over six months ago, I bought used overhead frame and panels. They are originally from Simworld and the quality is absolutley superb.

However there were some small parts missing but largely complete. The seller found some screws and a piece of plastic as well as the EGT gauge panel which he sent to me this week.

I have been wiring cables and chose to run all panels individually with DSUB connectors. Mounted parts and this is what the overhead looks like today.

More about the overhead later in the build as the unit approaches assembly.

Now finally all parts of the CNC milling machine have arrived. I am currently working with software control. I really hope I can get this thing going and lerning curve is smooth so I can start milling useful stuff.

All conditions in the world

I don’t really know what I have done to deserve it, but at Christmas Santa came with a new soldering iron. Probably I had been whining about my old one far too much so to get some Christmas peace a soldering iron was a good alternative.

Probably about the same scenario occurred around my birthday so my wonderful wife with kids gave me this digital laboratory power supply. Now I really have all the conditions in the world to be able to do a good job in the rebuilding of the simulator.

And a lesson to learn. Everything, just about anything involving a hobby project of this size takes extremely much longer than I thought.

My first video

My first video, this is the space I will rebuild the simulator, most of it will be rebuilt and hopefully become somewhat better.

The renovated space for the sim.

There is something about this hobby that makes you build something, and then redo it again after a while.  I develops slow and steady and knowledge expands and the lowest level quality increases for each new knowledge that comes, but my approach to the rebuilding it again will be a little different.

Only parts with decent quality I can accept will remain and be mounted, and with that I hope this rebuild behavior disappears.

The beginning again.

Okay, so the plan for this weekend was to build a greenhouse for my wife. However, it turned out that the weather was too bad so after quick decisions we emptied the storage room which will be the space for the simulator and the renovation really started.

The surface before renovation

The house is built in lightweight concrete so we installed plasterboard in the roof. Futhermore we covered the walls with OSB boards, a type of pressed and glued wooden boards. So mounting of shelves, hooks and more becomes super easy. Painted evrything and added new parquet.

Fresh paint and door relocated, the space where the simulator will be built.

My wife has come across an old unused kitchen from her job, which I got installed. Will be added more units on the opposite side door at a later date.

3D Printer installed.

So, still waiting for the postman with spare parts for the 3D printer. In the coming week, I hope to make time for further storage and pick up tools and machines.
For now I’m looking on all the opportunities that pegboards provide, Thingiverse again is a gold mine, more on that later when the printer is back in business.